7 definitions by The simpo

A thing you say to something that is so epic. Also is a meme
Person B: Awwe I knew you would find me amazing

Person A: No, I’m just wondering where I could dump your body
by The simpo November 9, 2021
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A way to say cigarettes, a certain Musume says this..
Person 1: Omg! I tots need to smoke right now. Do you like, have any ciggies on you?
Person 2: y e s
by The simpo June 1, 2021
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A very angry way of saying noob, perhaps you may say this to your sibling when they sucked your toes at night.
Mum/Mom: Dearest, I would love for you to become a doctor

?: But Mother, I do not know of such methods

Mum/Mom: N O O B
by The simpo May 22, 2021
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