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Some small fucking POS that will Either make you love god completely most rare one in truth but if you step inside it seems like the majority of the students are like that but thier not. or it will make you absolutely hate the idea of god or the last option is that you came thier because you fucked up too bad in public school which sucks for those kids they say jail might be better. 1 thing about Private schools like this one is that thier is still drugs and alcohol problems with students 2. A GOOD MAJORITY OF THE GIRLS ARE SLUTS! 3. and you will pass if you suck up to certain teachers and act like a goody toshus. this school is also a place for REJECTS you know the kids that would get beat up in a second at public schools these kids might not survive 10 seconds in real life.
(this one is a example of a kid who is deviod of social skills we will call him Little princess for this example)
Johny: haha thats what she said
Little princess: Yeah! thats what she said!
Little princess: durr ok. (then promptly goes back to copying everything you say)
thats Community Christian School Denver

The next example is one off A slut for this example we will call her FLEXOR and we will start the conversation in bible class

Teacher: Ok turn to psalms 2:5
teacher: now this verse has nothing to do with sex but i am going to talk about how all the guys just want to fuck and the girls are all inoscenent flowers. now someone tell me why you shouldn't have sex.
Flexor: because it takes apart of your soul
teacher: good job!
(flexor after school on the phone)
Flexor: oh yes 25 year old man with no job and two kids fuck me FUCK MY 16 year old cunt
by asshole12312333 December 06, 2009
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