This is when you start fancying little dogs. Very common in the small town of Pickering in northern England. Chihuahua's are a prime candidate for bum raping by the people of Pickering.
Wow! Look at that doggy. Its so small and tight. Ummmm!!!! Tasty!!! I wannna lick its little ass so I can eat the crumbly shit!
by Juli March 4, 2005
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Term perfect for every occassion, not offensive and will keep every one guessing what your talking about.

Derived from the more offensive phrase "Put your noodle in your poodle" from 18th century Asia. The more popular term now "Put a Little Doggy in ya Hanky" was first used in Melbourne Australia, however its origins are not clear.
by Archie Biglips November 2, 2006
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