person1:these people are lithos.
person2:yaii i bet they're russian
by XxX...LiL-Cutii3...XxX April 09, 2009
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Noun. Short for lithography. "Litho" can refer to the printmaking technique itself or to a print that was made using this technique.

Adjective. To describe anything printed using lithography.

The term "litho" is generally only used in art schools (teachers and students), or by graduates and drop-outs from art schools. Granted, not every art student even knows what it means, but they invariably recognize it as an art school term.
"Is this what they mean by a woodcut?"
"No, this one is litho. That one over there is intaglio. And the one on your shirt is silkscreen."
"What's the difference?!"
"They're all prints. But I used different techniques to make 'em."
by criticalmass August 01, 2012
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A term used to describe eastern european migrant workers in the vicinity of north Armagh. Possibly of Lithuanian,Estonian, but overwhelmingly Polish.
Most Lithos work in Moy Park.

Lithos usually drive bicycles and wear backpacks.
by Kunstable August 06, 2007
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Otherwise known as a 'peng ting' in popular culture is a lad who typically is for the streets who however denies his true calling on a daily basis. The chemical composition of a typical Litho comprises of true player traits how cover this up by being 'Good guys'. Unfortunately most Lithoes (plural or a Litho) are of a light skin complexion and a male which both carry a lot of negative connotations in society and when these two elements are combined it can end in tears however its not a commonly studied phenomenon
Wow, who is that peng ting in the streets? Oh no you don't want to provoke that, it's a Litho
by Litho October 27, 2020
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When a lithuanian person starts screaming in their native language at you. This is most common in lithuanian mothers
Oh shite my mum is going litho mode i didnt do my maths homework or the washing OH FUCK THERE IS THE SANDAL OH NO OH FUCK NO
by Shit slinger69 May 04, 2021
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