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A whisper that is so heavily overpowered by one's natural lisp that the content is not only unidentifiable, but humorous to a non-lisper. Also a person who speaks in a tone of voice that can only be described by the combination of a whisper and lisp.
Whenever jamie gets nervous she turns into such a lisper; she speaks so quietly with her lisp because she is afraid to talk in a normal tone of voice.
by erieee December 20, 2009
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A whisper with a lisp, because when you whisper s-words you immediatley have somewhat of a lisp.
"She was trying to be sexy but it came out as a total lisper."

"When she lispered, she sounded like a man."
by Amandgela. January 19, 2010
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When girls lip something (mouthread) and whisper something at the same time in public, trying to talk shit or tell a secret. It usually is never interpreted correctly by the person they are talking to, because doing both at the same time makes no sense, and everyone around you knows what you are trying to do. Not sly.
Those girls in the corner are lispering.

Julie is trying to lisper to Noelle and Noelle is trying to pretend she knows what she is trying to say.

Leigh lispered very loud at the party and people caught on!
by dublin darlings 21 June 20, 2009
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