1. Any beer. Particularly refers to heavy, full bodied beers, which can be very filling.

2. Guiness, or Irish Breakfast, as it is also called.
1. I don't need lunch; I just had some liquid bread.

2. Guiness is the closest you'll ever get to liquid bread without putting a loaf of Wonderbread into a blender.
by Al February 9, 2004
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beer, especially one rich in nutrients from the yeast used to ferment it
The shelves were full of liquid bread but there wasn't a single bottle of hard cider.
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A beer with a high specific gravity at the end of fermentation resulting in a dense beer.
I hate when people correlate dark beer with heaviness, I have had pale colored liquid bread, and dark colored session brews
by bozini rollitini June 12, 2010
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Derogatory term for any type of beer: larger, ale, stout, IPA etc. Normally used in a condescending manner by those who consider themselves superior owing to their choice of non-beer beverage.
"I can't believe you're still drinking that liquid bread", sniffed the divine Ms Russell haughtily as she arsed another half pint of Pinot Grigio. "Don't you know that beer is full of calories whereas my wine makes me fantastically interesting and intelligent? For instance, I'm able to constructively critique quantum physics theorem or suggest complex improvements to Apple operating systems."
by mackyaj October 14, 2018
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