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quarantine + hotel. During the Covid-19 pandemic, passengers arriving in certain countries will be placed in hotels during their quarantine. Used as a measure to control population movements and to ensure testing is rigorous.
I hear Tim got lucky with his quotel - he had a balcony and air-con. I got stuck in a 1 star quotel, with bed bugs!
by mackyaj November 6, 2020
Quarantine + hotel. A hotel used to house arriving passengers who are kept there during their quarantine period. Used as a precautionary measure by various governments to control the movement of people during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Jenna got real lucky with her quotel as it's got a balcony and air-con while I'm stuck in this 1 star dump for another 2 weeks!
by mackyaj November 6, 2020
Internet blogger whose output is of such low quality that you might as well use it to wipe your arse.
Katie Hopkins is the queen of the typewipers; her column saves me a fortune on bog paper.
by mackyaj December 21, 2016
Derogatory term for any type of beer: larger, ale, stout, IPA etc. Normally used in a condescending manner by those who consider themselves superior owing to their choice of non-beer beverage.
"I can't believe you're still drinking that liquid bread", sniffed the divine Ms Russell haughtily as she arsed another half pint of Pinot Grigio. "Don't you know that beer is full of calories whereas my wine makes me fantastically interesting and intelligent? For instance, I'm able to constructively critique quantum physics theorem or suggest complex improvements to Apple operating systems."
by mackyaj October 14, 2018
An expression of extreme disgust or dislike that involves contorting the face and turning away from the cause.
Upon sipping the rich Imperial Porter, Paul could not help but make the face of Blythe as he ejaculated "that tastes like war crime evidence".
by mackyaj April 29, 2018
Talk English At Computer Hardware; an informal term for the attempts at online educational activities to replace traditional classroom teaching during the Covid19 pandemic .
The teachers are going to TEACH again, turning on their computers and hoping that a student will respond this time.
by mackyaj September 18, 2021
A informal variation of tomorrow afternoon, frequently used in social media.
"Catch uz tomozzaz @ B pub :)" was the cryptic message Jonathan received on his phone
by mackyaj November 10, 2021