An event that makes you wish you had some Lipton tea to sip on while making a statement that ends with, "But that's none of my business."
Joe: I had a Lipton tea moment yesterday when I saw your girlfriend's car parked outside her ex boyfriend's house.

Mike: Thanks for looking out for me. We'll have to talk.
by 2014_chiguy August 24, 2014
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josh and adam think lipton ice tea is the best drink ever because it just is.
wow that lipton ice tea is banging.
by josh mountford September 8, 2006
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what kermit found a way to go drunk on.
Kermit found a way to go drunk on lipton tea.
by gvvhhbv b gg March 22, 2021
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you can never really make enough of it....
I drank 387 glasses of Lipton iced tea mix
by Sky Katten Reiter August 21, 2018
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During Indian Fire Sticks but when the balls are smacking together.
Shelby was enjoying the time with her male friends but heard the subtle sound of a Lipton Tea Party and started laughing.
by Mr. Whigskers March 12, 2011
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