an angry man who swears all the time...for no good reason what-so-ever, and for good reasons!
at a ten year old's b-day party, All that was remembered :
"LIOTTA" swore profusely after smacking his head on a low hanging door jam: "COCK SUCKER, MOtherFUCKER!"
by BIGSKYAL January 30, 2007
The act of re-enacting the scene from Goodfellas where Ray Liotta pistol whips the shit out of the neighbour who tried to get on his wife, on whoever deserves it. Follow these steps; approach your opponent nice and steady, grab him/her by the hair right above the forehead (you could also grab beard if no hair is present, or an ear if no hair OR beard is present), and begin to pummel the face with your fist, a rock, a solid piece of fruit, etc.
"what do you want fucko, you want something?"
*Ray Liotta pistol whips the shit out of neighbour*


husband: "Can you make me a sandwich?"
wife: "Make your own damn sandwich!"
husband "You wanna get fuckin' Ray Liotta'd?!"
by monfeces August 31, 2012
The act of moistening a paper towel and wiping your ass at the counter in a public bathroom; possibly a mexican restaurant. Typically performed mid-date with a new partner whom it seems like you have a good chance of scoring with, or at least getting a BJ after paying for dinner.
Hey, what the fuck are you doing?!" says the disturbed man after walking into the Del Taco bathroom. "Calm down buddy" you say, "I'm just giving myself the Ray Liotta before I take this broad back to my place
by T-Dogg 63 November 11, 2010
Is when you cannot figure out why a loved one, "usually a significant other in a tense situation" has done you dirty or just blatantly fucked up the whole scenario in question with the end result being your incarceration and that bitch Karen, "your significant other" being set free while you rot.
"I can't believe this!?! Why did you do this to me Karen?! Now I know how a Ray Liotta feels..."
by Aeroplane January 25, 2015
Horrible disease that causes your once-very skinny friend to suddenly become overweight out-of-nowhere. Victims of this disease also have an unbearable stench that sticks with them, despite how many times they shower or bathe. Named after its first victim, Goodfellas star Ray Liotta.
Friend 1: Hey man, does Kevin seems bigger to you?
Friend 2: Yeah, the doctors recently diagnosed him with Ray Liotta Disease.
Friend 1: What?? That's terrible.

Friend 2: Yeah, better stay away from him.
by Designman15 December 30, 2016
What would be the difference in a guy like Ray Liotta claiming to be a shark and a guy like Jim Carrey claiming to be a shark? They're both actors, so there's always going to be people who don't believe either one of them are a shark or a tough guy. Admitting something people can figure out on their own doesn't really make anything clearer, since really people already have a good idea who somebody really is versus who they say they are.
Ray Liotta is an actor, his movies are not his real life. He's not really a star with muscle as some would watch a movie and think. He was once a kid who wet his bed like everybody else.
by Solid Mantis January 24, 2021
When someone repeats something or posts something (meme or current event) in a group chat that’s been said already. Began when several members of the Huddle Buddies fantasy football group chat continuously posted articles of gangster movie icon Ray Liotta’s death
In the group chat:
Lamar: (posts news article as it breaks)
30 minutes later:
Tyrone: (posts an article about the same topic)
Lamar: Ray Liotta died
by Giftcurse October 1, 2022