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To tell somebody else to "take back YOUR fuckin horse" means for that person to take back a problem they have cast upon you, without your willing consent.

When you throw or cast YOUR problem(s) onto somebody else, just to get that trash away, it will come back. The "Horse" is the problem, it can be anything that is causing issues for you, and you dont want anymore.

So to truely take back the horse, means the other person you cast it on, is fed up with having that shit on them, and they feel its time for you to deal with the problem, not just give to others.
Frank thinks: "Im fuckin tired of Betty always hitting on me, why wont that ulgy slut leave me alone!"
____The next Day___

Fred: "Hey Betty, i felt it was time for me to finnaly treat you right, so im gona hook you up with the coolest guy i know. trust me, he fucks like a tiger. His name is Tom."

Betty: "O hell ya, i havnt got laid in weeks, thanks ^_^"
::::::::Next day:::::::
Betty: "Hey tom, wanna fool around, im so horny right now"

Tom thinks: "Damnit Frank, i dont want this slut on me now -"TAKE BACK YOUR FUCKIN HORSE"-
by Elmo88 March 24, 2009
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Recieving Head from an elderly. Be it man or women, A greyskull is just that - get'n a grey skull down on you.
"man i LOVE me a good GMILF, and when the night ends with a Greyskull, that makes it all the more better"
by Elmo88 January 14, 2009
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Similer to Fuck lion or tight as a tiger but more so quick and easy, yet long. Like having 100 diffrents girls, and being able to equaly satisfy them all, with no rest, because YOUR the alpha male, and its your job to fuck all the females. hence, fucking like a tiger. (same with girls too, you get packed alot, but it stays tight ALWAYS)
"Man she fuck like a tiger"
"yeah, she is tight after all these years of getn it too"
by Elmo88 July 20, 2008
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