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The coolest town in all of Canada. A place where you can learn to play guitar, go to the library, and buy crystal meth all on one street. The people are rude, the down town is a hole, and the high schools are breeding grounds for sluts. There's only one bookstore and the mall is shit. There are more Tim Hortons than gas stations. The kids are selfish brats, and you can get mugged walking your dog. More people smoke pot here than in Amsterdam. There are five high schools-no one counts tolgate-which are Assumption, BCI, North Park, PJ, and St. John's.

The town has limited night spots, and these spots are trashy dumps. But still, Brantford is the coolest place in Canada. You have to live here to get it.
Person One: Give me your money.

Person Two: Are you from Brantford?

Person One: How did you know?

Person Two: Because you're jumping me....and you're a vodka obsessed crystal meth loving ford planter slut.

Person One: You are correct. Good day.
by MistakeMeForASucker June 05, 2009

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To run extremely fast from somewhere once frightened.
Ghost: Boo.

Person One: Shit! A ghost!

Person Two: It has a gun! Leg it like a bitch!
by MistakeMeForASucker June 10, 2009

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A short series consisting of thirteen episodes that aired in the spring of 2009 and ended in the early summer.

Abby Mills returns to Harpers Island, years after the serial killer John Wakefield murdered her mother and other citizens, for her friend Henry's wedding. But the wedding soon turns into a nightmare when another series of murders ravages the island, systematically killing of guests.

The series was a smash hit, as well as an intriging thriller
Jeff: Did you see the finale of Harpers Island last night?

Ted: Hell yeah! That was INSANE!
by MistakeMeForASucker July 13, 2009

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A band of slutty scene cheerleaders. Their goal in life is to make normal peoples ears bleed, and stupid people throw off their underwear.
Dumbass One: Hey, did you here that Millionaires song?! I wanna take off MY underwear!

Dumbass Two: Let's get crazy drunk and do the splits all over town!
by MistakeMeForASucker July 13, 2009

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