verb: A cross between licking and petting; a sign of affection between two crazy chicks; very interchangeable with either *pets* or *licks*
by Marice April 1, 2004
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n. the action of "pet" or "lick"; a sign of affection between two psychotic geniuses
Marice's lieted liet was lieted by Katrice.
by Katrice April 2, 2004
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The act of deceiving others into thinking you have lost weight such as wearing vertical stripes, buying over-sized clothes or reporting only some of the food you actually consume ("I can't understand why I haven't lost weight; I eat only salad" and forgetting to mention the 2 candy bars from the vending machine at work.)
He's was caught lieting by his doctor after being warned to lose weight.

By lieting you can eat anything you want and still convince people that you lost weight or at least should be.
by keithmh September 19, 2011
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