Katrice is confident, Intelligent, laid back, spontaneous, playful, and sensual. She is the most amazing person ever! She may seem quiet but she soooo isn't. She is always there for you and makes you laugh. She is the best person you will ever meet, if your lucky enough to.
Mom: What do you want want to be when you grow up?

Little girl: Katrice
by only1me December 8, 2013
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She's a playful girl she loves anime and always talk about it, she is also a good and attractive person, she's loyal,caring, loving and she's is fun to be with, she make everyone around her happy even if she has her own problems or secret she doesn't want everyone one to know, she also loves to play games also and a good player too
Katrice is awesome
by Jkkgirl November 23, 2021
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