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a bum,a homeless person,usually very smelly and always in your way
That freaking lice head asked me for a nickle , if i was poor I'd ask more than that
by manotas January 26, 2004
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Second shipping name of most boring TV couple Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones from Riverdale.

Betty and Jughead are currently dating but they're not endgame.
"Some kids like Licehead but adults don't give a single f*ck about this sunk ship"
"Licehead can choke until Barchie exists"
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by malec1777 March 04, 2018
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Generally anyone with the capability to have lice.

Girl 1:Look at the girl on the Pantene Commercial.

Girl 2: Too bad she's a Licehead.
by jones_e March 26, 2010
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