A song by dula peep that gives me serotonin.
"have you heard of levitating by dula peep"
"yes it really brightens my day"
by jadethebhaddest April 19, 2021
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(Verb) To achieve synchronized bliss with your partner while performing couples yoga.
The rumor spread throughout the chic yoga studio that Lucy and her new student had levitated during a private yoga session.
by MarcyFromCabinFever June 9, 2020
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Me and my mans about to levitate - Mos Def
by D-Bruch November 8, 2006
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Levitating is a song by Dua Lipa. On tik tok, it has become very popular. People say this song has “crack” in it (meaning they cant stop listening). It’s just the song that gets you in the best mood.
I’ve had Levitating on for 3 days straight.
by harry styles’ wife April 19, 2021
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A skill archieved by completing 2 weeks of no nut november
-“How’s it going with no nut November my dude?”

-“Thou shalt not speak with us higher beings without permission, for I have acquired the art of levitation
by NonBinaryMan November 3, 2018
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To levitate means to smoke pot. It refers to achieving a meditative mindstate, one that yoga gurus (presumably) achieve, whilst sitting in a lotus pose. When in this mindstate, it might feel as you're floating mid-air, ergo levitating.
"Bro, shut the door! We bout' to levitate in this bitch!"
by Whatever_man July 20, 2015
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Noun. A system of measurement used by few that is equivalent to eighteen inches.
After the baby was born, it was measured to be 18 inches in height, or one Levit.
by Jonathen Mills March 1, 2010
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