A skill archieved by completing 2 weeks of no nut november
-“How’s it going with no nut November my dude?”

-“Thou shalt not speak with us higher beings without permission, for I have acquired the art of levitation
by NonBinaryMan November 3, 2018
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Levitation means when someone is floating. For example, a balloon.
Levitation is impossible. Only balloons can do that!
by Carpic November 2, 2018
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When a rank hoe cops dick in her pussy, ass, and mouth whilst holding a cock in each hand, there suspending her in mid-air
me an my bro's was givin Leena mad levitation last nite
by Roy December 7, 2002
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Male Prostitute, usually controlled by a Panemon. (Also See Panemon)
"He's not just your bitch, he's your Levitation. =)"
by PanDaddy March 12, 2003
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A song by dula peep that gives me serotonin.
"have you heard of levitating by dula peep"
"yes it really brightens my day"
by jadethebhaddest April 19, 2021
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(Verb) To achieve synchronized bliss with your partner while performing couples yoga.
The rumor spread throughout the chic yoga studio that Lucy and her new student had levitated during a private yoga session.
by MarcyFromCabinFever June 9, 2020
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Me and my mans about to levitate - Mos Def
by D-Bruch November 8, 2006
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