It is cholo slang for shit list. If someone "puts you on the leva" you are on their shit list, i.e. you got nothing coming!
That fool didn't have my back when I needed him. I put him on the leva!
by The great Scott W July 05, 2017
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In graffiti, its when someone slashes someone else and dosent bother to write his name next to the slash because they are lil' bitchez.
Fuk! Some fukn faggit busted a leva and slashed me!
by ASESSINO March 26, 2004
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"Leva" is a name parents give to special and beautiful girls. It has several origins, one is "Lev" (Hebrew) which means "Heart".

An other is "levare" (Latin) which means "to lift up". In Roman mythology, Levana ("lifter") was the goddess of newborn babies. Her name comes from the practice of the father lifting the child off the ground where it was placed by the child's mother to show that he officially accepts the child as his own.

In modern times only very special girls carry the name "Leva" and if you ever find a Leva you maybe don't have to worship her but should definitly cherish this rare treasure.
She is so beautiful, she's a real Leva!
by la_verite February 06, 2010
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A member of a latino gang that originated in Lynwood, Ca in around 2003, and they try to call themselves South Side Lynwood X3. But to everyone they are South Side Levas 'cause they are a fake ass wannabe gang that tries to claim 13 without ever having ties with the Mexican Mafia. Nothing but a bunch of fuckin' Levas. They hit up SSL, so all we do is add a "evas" and that's how you diss those pussies.
1. I got in a shootout with the Levas last night.

2. Someone shot at me but they were shooting fast and blindly. I think they were Levas.

3. That prettyboy banged on me and threw up an L, I think he was a Leva.
by FatalGreenthumb January 30, 2010
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