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He is a funny ass nigga.He won't ever break ya heart but if you bother him a lot he is gonna get mad.Also he is loyal.I've never seen someone as loyal as this dude.If u a guy and u sending him hearts he's gonna get pissed.if you a guy and you talking shit he's gonna fuck u up.
Leuris is a loyal ass dude he won't ever break your heart
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by Hmuladies December 28, 2017
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Leuris is the most loyal guy you'll ever date, he's easy to love, can be the sweetest, constantly buy you random gifts, such as a giant teddy bear, make love to you, take you out to eat, and actually do both; Netflix and Chill .

The sweetest guy you will ever meet, may look like a f*ck boy/ player, but he is not. Leuris is Mr. Steal your girl and will usually get tired of talking to her after one week.

Don't let his f*ckboy appearance deceive you,

Leuris's tend to be octobers very own ⁢𓅓 and love to listen to Drake.

Individuals with this name usually have a beisball player body and have strong legs, large feet, and even a larger penis.
Why does Leuris always texts me "smd" and does he actually wants me to do it?

Fat guys just hate on you because you're a Leuris!!

Leuris looks like the type of guy that could steal girl.

Wow! Leuris really got some big feet! I wonder if his d*ck is like that too.

He might look like a f*ckboy but you can't blame him, he is a Leuris.

Come to notice, Leuris has some really nice eyebrows
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by Le Papi April 18, 2018
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