Site of the UK's first roundabout
"Wow, look at that really old roundabout in Letchworth."
"Yeah, interesting isn't it? Shall we get the f**k out of here now?"
"Yes, let's."
by Matt Williams January 23, 2004
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a cool town that beats Stevenage, Hitchin, Welwyn, Bedford, you name it. It is an amazing town filled with great people and no violence like * cough cough Stevenage * no hate :) and all the greatest people live there ;)
person 1- hey, I just went to Hitchin it’s so cool

person 2- lmao I went to Letchworth that beats Hitchin any day mate
by July 31, 2019
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Someone who acts in a douche bag or tool-like manor. And/or often rattles off annoying facts that nobody cares about. The worst type of person you could possibly be.
Bill: "Dude, it is so cold out today. With my luck the gas in my car is probably frozen."

Tim: "I highly doubt that because gas freezes at -72 C, but the thing is, gasoline is not a single component, so it doesn't freeze all at once."

Bill: "Bro...just stop. You're being a total Letchworth right now."

Fred: "Man, I hate that kid in our math class! He's such a tool!"

James: "Yeah, that kid is definitely a Letchworth!"
by moonsquad44 February 13, 2014
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A town in North Hertfordshire that is full of weirdos. The popemobile was made there.
Im going to Letchworth tommorow
by jms February 1, 2003
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