A saying used to illuminate the issue of letting pie go stale. Pie is used as a noun in this form, and refers to a conversation held by close friends. When someone says "Let's not let this pie go stale, they are saying in fact that they do not want this conversation to get boring.
Abby: ....
Bob: .....
Joe: I'm bored of this pie....
Abby: ...come on people
Abby: Let's not let this pie go stale!
by Kodiak The Bear May 26, 2009
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When you realize that your effort or past, or what people think or say about your shortcomings, inadequacies, or failures, doesn’t determine your future, but God does, because He is in control of the universe and of your life.
Until you let go and let God Be in charge of your life, it’s hard for you to see His blessings flow through your life—God is concerned about what concerns you, because He wants you to experience his power, not just knowing about Him and His goodness.
by MathPlus September 08, 2018
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the most popular cheer in haikyuu
have you heard about the dateko cheer? it goes like this... ''go go let's go let's go dateko'' !!
by Andreccur September 28, 2020
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We just finished our breakfast at the diner. We got in the car and my cat puff a Black. He then said "Let's go, N. Let's go!" So we bounced.
by Terry Bad Ice March 30, 2017
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