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Chadstone Shopping Centre, Victoria, Australia.
5 hours driving, and the most we saw of Melbourne was the carpark at Chaddy.
by Radsandmelbs July 12, 2011
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A super hot chad who would be considered a daddy. Usually spotted at the beach or a pool where their huge ego, muscles, and confidence is shown. Usually surrounded by other chads and Stacys.
Girl 1: “Ohh that guy is hot!”
Girl 2: “ Hes a chad
Girl 3: “ No he is a chaddy

Girl 1: “yessss
by Toby the HR May 22, 2018
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a person who bullshits a lot and thinks there right but everyone knoes its a bullshit
hes chattin chaddy again
by mcc barmy army August 06, 2007
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A Chaddy is someone who is a beautiful person inside out. They have an amazing personality and 10/10 looks. It can be used before someone's name "Chaddy Maddy" or to describe someone, "she's a Chaddy". Chaddy's can be hard to find but are definitely worth it!
Damn Anthony is a Chaddy!
by Chaddy Maddy June 05, 2018
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Nuts, Love spuds, bollocks, gonads, nuggets, pills..... If u get my meaning see balls
that bitch kiked me in the chaddies.

i casually dipped my chaddies in her mouth SEE teabagging
by lame larma February 06, 2004
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