A French expression.
Most famously misread by Sean Connery on an episode of celebrity jeopardy, the original category was Let it Snow.

See also: anal bum cover, jap anus relations, penis mightier and whore semen
Bonjour Mademoiselle, I'd like to see, Le Tits Now!
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by The Hodgeman June 03, 2018
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Often confused with "Let It Snow," this phrase is used for demanding to see a woman's breasts. According to Sean Connery on SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy, it is a French expression.
"Bonjour, Mademoiselle. I'd like to see le tits now!"
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by Double Slash June 14, 2018
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This is what everyone can say late Christmas Eve after all the shoping is done and all gifts are bought and kids are sleeping!
man- Now that all that running arround is done and the kids nervousness is over I say Let It Snow !
by troubledemon December 24, 2009
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