porn 4 girls not 4 str8 cis men that don't actually support lesbians lesbian porn is 4 lesbians and queer women or str8 women that like watching girls get it on ig
lesbians: *holding hands*
cis homophobe: "omg look at those girls holding hands thats so gross"
person: "bruh u litterly watch lesbian porn"
by xtomoda__ August 12, 2022
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Girl on Girl/Lesbian Porn is the best kind of porn there is!
A lot of girls (even straight girls) like to watch Girl on Girl/Lesbian porn...girls eating each other out is the hottest thing ever!
by KaylaTiffany May 22, 2009
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Ah, this is truly the best porn there is, period!!

There needs to be more of it dammit!

I mean seriously, nothing is better than watching two hot lipstick lesbians rub, kiss, and fuck the shit out of each other. And seeing them munching, licking, sucking, slobbering, and slurping crazy on each others pussies. It's just one of the most beautiful things a person could ever see.

My favorite lesbian views/positions are facesitting and 69.

Nothing hotter than that!! Also, nothing better than watching and listening to lesbians making all the loud and wet sucking and slurping noises on their pussies.
I LOVE Lesbians!!! lesbian porn is the ultimate best!

Great sites: lesbiantraining, fourfingerclub, welivetogether, milfnextdoor, girlshuntinggirls, lesbohoneys, and etc.

Also, the live chats every week at where they do girl/girl shows are great. Some will do a hardcore show, some won't. I prefer the ones who do obviously.
by bigtmoney April 15, 2008
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proof that there is a God and He is male
dude, even the Big Guy watches lesbian porn
by no lie bro June 22, 2011
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Pornographic images/recordings containing two women posing as lesbians having sex. In reality it's quite commonly just two straight women who get paid an awful lot of money.

Lesbian porn is usually produced by a cast of men who have absolutely no idea how to capture love between two women. I really don't understand why a lesbian would want to suck a dildo after she's used it.

You want good lesbian porn? Get some where you can't hear some man in the background grunting "Man, you two are fucking hot." Get some actually made by women!

Or even better yet, read some lesbian erotica.
Person 1; I downloaded some great amuter lesbian porn last night.
Person 2; Yeah, I like that stuff better. I hate when it's two girls faking it!
by Totallynothere December 3, 2006
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Something you say when you are swearing on something, originated from saying "I swear on Lesbian Porn bro".This is the most sacred swear imaginable and it is physically and mentally impossibly to break. Only The Best of friends can use the lesbian porn swear.
Kane- Dude! Randy, This girl wants my dick bruh!!
Randy- Dude...Foreal?!?
Kane-Lesbian Porn Bro
Randy-Damn dude......
by Koozey April 14, 2011
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