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Something you say when you are swearing on something, originated from saying "I swear on Lesbian Porn bro".This is the most sacred swear imaginable and it is physically and mentally impossibly to break. Only The Best of friends can use the lesbian porn swear.
Kane- Dude! Randy, This girl wants my dick bruh!!
Randy- Dude...Foreal?!?
Kane-Lesbian Porn Bro
Randy-Damn dude......
by Koozey April 13, 2011
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the face that you make when you and your best friend stare at each other and you know exactly what he/she is thinking, usually is followed by the epic hand motion and a few minutes of hysteria, Originally invented by RandyKane.
-Kane, Randdddyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
-Randy, What?
-Kane, *Epic Face*
-Randy, *Epic Face*
by Koozey May 12, 2011
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-Douche-bag-move-, coined by RandyKane in 2010, this term is widely used amongst "THe Most Epic Of All The Epic Beast In The Entirety Of THe Human Existance", group on Facebook.
-Randy, Kane, why the hell didnt we steal the cash register when the lights went off at the restaurant?
-Kane, Dude i told you i was getting an old fashion from tara under the table!
-Randy, Wow...what a dbm!
by Koozey May 12, 2011
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The most superior being possibly imagineable, that was created in 2007 and was told to the world by The Book Of Revalations in the bible.The prophecy was that in 2007 two kids would meet and be the most epic beastmode kids of all time and they would form together becoming RandyKane- The most superior being possibly imagineable.
Everyone must worship the Ultimate Lord RandyKane
by Koozey April 13, 2011
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Kane and Randy Awkward Laughing Moments-Kralm is when you are in class and you look at your best friends an everyone else is quiet but its so quiet you start laughing then your friend starts laughing and your trying to stop laughing but the sight of your friend trying to stop laughing is so hilarious that you start making inhuman noises and it hurts not to laugh so you lose control then your friend looses control and everyone looks at you like your high. This is the most intense form of hysteria and is impossible to achieve unless you are RandyKane.
alec- did you see kane and randy?
cody- yeah the were kralming so hard i was about to try to beat their ass.
alec- yeah i know lets throw rocks so he can punch me in the face again.
by Koozey May 12, 2011
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When one does an Epic Face then follows it up with a hand motion where your pinky and ring finger are flexed and slightly elevated above your palm and your ring finger is sticking straight out but slightly bent and your index finger is pulled halfway in while your thumb is curled in and you move your hand in random directions.This was invented by RandyKane in Georgia History Class in 8th Grade.
Kane- *Epic Face*
Randy- *Epic Face*
Kane-*Epic Hand Motion*
Randy-*Epic Hand Motion*
Random Kid-OMG yall are so beasssttttt!
by Koozey May 12, 2011
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