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shit if i know.


used in a fashion similar to the popular joke "ur mom"


you know who called me yesterday?



why would leroy jenkins call you?
by doctor0010 March 07, 2016
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the one community that makes you want to drink nail polish. it takes a psychotic flower, and turns it into porn that makes no sense. it involves goats having sex with skeletons, skeletons having sex with robots, incest, necrophilia, and tentacle porn if you accidentally stumble on porn of it.
in the afterlife...
dead guy 1: so how did you die?
dead guy 2: hit by a train, you?
dead guy 1: i committed suicide by drinking nail polish remover mixed with bleach.

dead guy 2: why?
dead guy 1:because i saw undertale porn in a supposedly child friendly undertale community.
dead guy 2: oh god, i had it easy. and i was in a hospital for 6 months in complete agony.
by doctor0010 August 19, 2016
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