Followers. buncha creeps who'll do whatever the rest of em ppl do.
"Wow, all them girls like the same guy"
"Yeah.. such lemmings"
by Thers One In Each Of Us May 23, 2006
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1) A small, short-tailed rodent which lives in the tundra. It is said that large groups of these animals come together every so often to jump off of a cliff. On the contrary, they fall off quite by accident. It is also said that Disney filmed them doing this by moving them to unfamiliar territory.

2) Quite possibly one of the coolest animals ever.
1) Did you see the Disney lemming documentary? I wonder if the rumours are true...

2) Lemmings rock! They're my favourite animal!
by Psychic Jack September 12, 2003
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A lemming refers to a purchase/wished-for-item which results from reading an enthusiastic post about a new fabulous product. Overcome by compulsion, readers follow like lemmings diving off a cliff.

Originally coined in the newsgroup in the late 90s, the term has permeated numerous beauty boards/forums/sites.

May be used as a noun or verb. May apply to the buyer but more commonly to the item of desire.

A flemming is a fledgeling lemming.
What makeup items are on your current lemming list?

I am totally lemming the entire upcoming MAC collection!
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Those that join groups and repost annoying statuses on Facebook because everyone else is doing it.
will the reposting ever stop? why are they all lemmings?
by notajoiner August 25, 2011
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a follower who mimics others appearance and actions, usually dictates to a leader of a certain group.
leader: do you want a burrito or a burrito bowl?
lemming: burrito
leader: i'm craving a burrito bowl
lemming orders: can we please have one burrito bowl?
by 3lemmings0leaders January 18, 2011
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“Why is Molly hanging from the ceiling and screaming the French national anthem?”

dunno mate but that’s so lem
by Smellywaffles February 02, 2020
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