The last name of the most awesome girl in the history of FOREVER.
"I wish I could be as cool as Ashleigh Lehan"

"I know... she's so bitchin"
by Tayllor Donovan May 19, 2008
Funniest guy you’ll ever met and also drinks and party like a animal
Wow that man can party.
I know right he is a Lehan
by Eric foster November 22, 2021
The short form of compulsive liar. Also means fortnite player who plays too much creative mode. Typically has a large ego and tries to clap back at any insult, but fails miserably.
Wow. That kid over there is playing fortnite creative again? He must be a Lehan.
by LmogDocumentary July 29, 2019
To cut ones own hair to the result of being a look alike of the Jigsaw Killer.
I didn't have a costume for halloween, so I did a Lehane.
by Zed Jenkens December 2, 2009
A character from WB/UPN's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". Sometimes called the "The Third Slayer" or the "Dark Slayer" or "Rogue Slayer" She loves the life of slaying too much and accidentally killed the Mayor's Deputy, went to jail for it. Helped Buffy Summers defeat "The First" Location currently unkown due to Sunnydale a "crater"

Is a playable character in the video game "Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds" and has appeared as a cameo in occassional "Buffy" and "Angel" novels & episodes.
You: "Which Slayer do you like best? Buffy Summers or Faith Lehane?"
Me: "I like both. Buffy for her wit, Faith for her kick-ass-take-no-prisoners attitude."
You: *smirks* "Five by Five girlfriend!"
by Lisa Parnell December 3, 2007