a word used to explain something that is "real" or "cool" apparently and shows that you are form long island. it is shortened from legitimate and should not be spoken outside of ones head.
girl 1- "dayumm that shirt is legit pimp man!"
girl 2- "..."
girl 1- "what?!"
girl 2- "legit?! are you f**cking kidding me?!"
by DanaAndMikaela December 29, 2009
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Outstanding, amazing, awesome, great, you get the idea.
Blake: Dude! That was the most legit concert ever!
Jake: Yeah it was!
by jrs1237 September 25, 2010
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A DUMBASS word that people say when hey drunk or are just being naturally retarded.
Drunk guy: I need another drink like LEGIT.

Sober guy: You've had enough dude.

Drunk Guy: Are you Legit?
by 11 Yrs Young November 04, 2012
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Shortened from legitimate, Legit refers to either the validity and/or acceptance of an item.

Can also be used as the opposite of bogus, meaning that all is fair and valid.

Now used by the more generic and less insightful of our peers to convey a sense of "good" or "appreciable" similar to terms such as "cool" or "awesome"
Correct usage: Nazism is a fallacious ideology that leads to a betrayal of naturally evolved human instinct. Nazism is not legit. Nazism is bogus.

Common usage: "Wow bra my teacher is really hot. Therefore I think she is legit.
by Metacynic November 11, 2009
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