13 definitions by George Washingmachine

"Who are you voting for in the 2016 election?"

"Probably Ted Cruz."

"Dude... That's the Zodiac Killer..."
by George Washingmachine March 15, 2016
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Initially formed as a clothing style meant to showcase the care-free nature of mainly west-coast skateboard culture, streetwear gained notoriety for its urban appeal and popularization among celebrities and social media (mainly tumblr) users. Typically comprised of baggy or oversized clothing, bright colors, radical graphics and other designs. Includes more than just clothing, hairstyles, tattoos, etc. all ultimately contribute to someone's streetwear.

Eventually, it has culminated in what we have now, mainly occupied by suburban degenerates who listen to garbage like OFWGKTA and Kendrick Lamar, and just buy the ugliest crap they can find because "no one really gets their style." Teenage vanity in essence.
"Dude, the fuck are you wearing?"

"Its streetwear, you just don't get it."

"Hipster faggot."
by George Washingmachine November 8, 2015
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When one is experiencing euphoria generated by cocaine or methamphetamine. Also referred to as "coke high".
Jim was a stupidass and got overdosed on a sugar high.
by George Washingmachine January 21, 2012
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A girl who so eloquently enters your life, fucks you, and then just as eloquently leaves. A girl who you do not compare to other girls, because she is beyond comparison. No. You compare other girls to her. She is/has/will be the one. She IS the one. You change everything about yourself to match everything about her. You see words that have a syllable similar to her name, suddenly that word becomes a synonym for her. You write poetry that you keep in a secret hidden folder on your laptop, and it is written about her. She is your Eve, and you my friend, are Adam.
What I would give to sodomize my summit girl one last time.
by George Washingmachine January 26, 2015
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What good pussy sounds like.

Usually used to imply having sex/other sexual actions.
What do you mean I'm fired? Just because I asked Barb if she wants to go into the back closet and make macaroni sounds? She's the office slut!
by George Washingmachine December 18, 2021
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Something douchebags say when they mean "seriously".
Poser 1: Yo bro, is the test in biology today legit?
Poser 2: Nah, brah, it ain't legit, total bullshit brah.

Poser 1: Oh that party Friday was legit bro!
Poser 2: I know right? Total legit awesomness!
by George Washingmachine November 5, 2011
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Someone who is so addicted to twatter, they use hashtags outside of it.
These include;
Hashfagger: Hey guys, going to moves l8ter with my homieszzzz #swagggg

Normal guy: Wow, nice job hashfag. Fucking asshole.
by George Washingmachine March 1, 2012
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