used by idiots as the full word based on the abbreviation 'legit'. these people are idiots because they do not know the word legitimately. dumbasses.
I legitly thought that legitly was a word.
by applesandoranges83726494 January 21, 2009
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A nonexistant word used in colloquial conversation. Many mistake it for an informal word used by the uneducated. Many also believe it came from the word "legit." No one quite knows its origin, and while those who say it are often ridiculed, more ridiculed are those that think "Legit?" is a synonym for "Really?"

"Legitly" is only heard in specific regions of the world. Some think if they've lived their life without saying it, they live in a more formal society; however, these people do not know what they have been missing.

People from Watertown (also known as H20 Town to those more savvy) generally find themselves saying it. It's a variant of "silly New England slang," but in a more concentrated region. See wicked.
People make fun of us for saying "legitly"? Guess they're not from around here...
by SrslySarcastic February 5, 2009
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The stupid word that is a short form for legitimately
Georgie: Your being legitimately stupid
Sam: Dont you mean legitly stupid?
by HBKD November 20, 2009
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I shortened form of "legitimately" used to troll faggots.
Troll: I'm legitly tired.
Troll: LOL U MAD?
by 420potsmokingatheist February 2, 2011
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Same meaning as "legitimately" but sounds awesome like suria and not ciara :P
Funny how i was coughing Legitly
by Suria (a.k.a GOD) November 11, 2008
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When it is beyond the truth
Luuuuke legitly has made bank selling them whips to his homies.
by vnasty09 March 9, 2018
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