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The burning sensation in your anus after taking a diarrhea. Often very painful, but eventually goes away after a few minutes.
When the sun rises, and I use to facilities, I predict a major wave of skronkil.
by Skanago:g January 5, 2015
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Despite the name's implied vulgarity, it has nothing to do with a woman's reproductive organ. It was actually a children's TV show from Holland starring a hand puppet of the same name. It didn't make it passed two episodes and was cancelled because the name of it was Monster Vajayjay.
In 2005, Dutch film directer Willem Grundje made a children's show called Monster Vajayjay. People have just remembered this show and have been talking about it on forums all across the web.
by Skanago:g December 18, 2016
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A group of people flooding the front page with God awful "joke" words based entirely on current events to get their word more infamy. At this moment in time, it's people flooding the front page with horrendous definitions aiming toward things like Brexit or Trump to throw a very ironic temper tantrum over the fact they didn't get the result they wanted.
"These Urban Dictionary Fagolas are turning this website into 9Gag's mentally handicapped cousin. I really have no idea why they're trying to get popularity from appealing to all 3 politically correct people on this website. Maybe they should stop. Damn those fagolas."
by Skanago:g December 22, 2016
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A very long, yet very slim penis. Usually in the form of a Duck's corkscrew penis.
by Skanago:g December 29, 2015
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A question asked by someone where said question causes a lot of thinking to occur, almost on a spiritual level. You'll know you're being hit with a question of enlightenment when it brings forth an extreme sensation of awe. These questions have been witnessed before in popular media, but the term has been left undefined until now. These questions help increase humanity's understanding of its' environment as well as itself.
Trevor in GTA5 once asked a vegan woman, "You don't eat meat by you'll eat c**k?". This is a very good example of a question of enlightenment. Another example not from media would be "how can a lesbian be a lesbian if they like strap on dildos?".
by Skanago:g January 9, 2017
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Forty-Three is a vulgar and horrific sexual position in which a female puts her legs behind her head while a male inserts his penis or other object(s) into the female's vagina.
"James saw me doing yoga, and when I put my legs behind my head he tried offering me a Forty-Three. We broke up immediately."
by Skanago:g August 20, 2016
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The act of taking a fistful of cold, uncooked clam chowder and cramming it into an anus or a vagina. Typically, it is followed by eating the chowder with a spoon after it has warmed up in the orifice. Cases of the Boston Citizen have gone unconfirmed, though doctored images of newspapers circulated around the internet in the late 2000s.
"In 2009, there was a rumor in Dorchester, a neighborhood in Boston, that said a man killed his girlfriend by fisting her with clam chowder. She was missing for twenty four hours and was found eating it with a spoon. The newspaper was titled 'The Boston Citizen'."
by Skanago:g August 31, 2018
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