when you want someone to get the fuck away from you, you usually say something that has to do with "leave me alone". usually dded with a curse word such as fuck or many others
by Iain April 7, 2004
What you yell to lying, abusive, greedy pricks who judge you unfairly.
“Leave Me Alone, stop it, just stop dogging me around" - Michael Jackson
by Nintendude678 February 19, 2017
a rude way of telling people to give you some space and to not bother.
jake came up to liz and started talking to her when she was in a bad mood and she told him, "shut up dick leave me alone!"
by the most coolest ever November 10, 2008
If a girl tells you this, she can mean two different things.

1. Leave me alone you fucking slut, I've told you this too many times. Leave me alone.
2. Please notice me! Oh my god! Notice meeeeee!
1. Guy: Hey.
Girl: Leave me alone, you texted me like five minutes ago.
Guy: what?

2. Guy: Hey.
Girl: Leave me alone.
Guy: What?
Girl: Please... leave me be. I'm so sad. =c
by MakerOfMemes June 12, 2017
It means Don’t go I want attention
In a girls way
“Leave me alone!”
This means don’t go
by AlmondMxlky November 11, 2019