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The greatest invention known to man since the gun. will mark on any surface known to man, even some known to monkeys. is friggen awesome. you need to buy some. at least 100.
sharpies kick ass
by Iain April 07, 2004

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when you want someone to get the fuck away from you, you usually say something that has to do with "leave me alone". usually dded with a curse word such as fuck or many others
leave me the fuck alone
by Iain April 07, 2004

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A streaker is a bit like a flasher, but instead of just baring their shame for the world to see, a streaker feels the need to run around completely nude. This generally happens at large gatherings, such as sporting events.
James: "Did you see that streaker in the second half?"
John: "Yes, I particularly liked her norks."
by Iain February 08, 2004

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another term for the word police.
"just had a chase of the bobbies"
by iain April 05, 2003

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An 80's band that redifined heavy metal and goth metal, the band formed out of seattle in 1982 and had released their first cd in '83 that was self titled. their biggest hit was probably silent lucidity off of the album empire. probably one if the best bands ever and one of my favorites.
Dude! Queensryche kicks some major ass! DUDE I KNOW!!!
by Iain March 23, 2004

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A Charver is a sub-species of the human race. Occasionally a perfectly normal family will give birth to one of these creatures. In ancient times, survival of the fittest nearly always killed of these unfortunates. However, thanks to Clement Atlee and the Welfare State, they now have a means to survive. Several different types of charver exist- True Charvers, who have an average IQ score roughly the same as a snail, and find it funny to drink, smoke, sleep with young girls/old men and fight one another. Then there are Scum Charvers, like True charvers, but average at four foot ten in hight, and will only swear at you if they outnumber you twenty to one. There are several other varieties, such as townies, radgies etc. All varieties are native to the North East, especially Newcastle. Charvers are now spreading, and take hold whrever the welfare system can be manipulated.
Examples of charver talk
"Uh, got ten pence for some tabs how"
"Where am a? Idont remember goin to sleep here, man like how"
etc, etc
by Iain December 21, 2004

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It's not important. Don't worry about it.
Fuck now i have to write an example too? This is way to much efffort thatn it's worth. I should complain or something, nevermind. It's to much work.
by Iain March 18, 2005

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