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a word not found in the dictionary
the fact that the word opopanax is, in and of itself, often an opopanax, can bring a twinge of pleasure to many a deipnosophist.
by EviLCorey September 10, 2003

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dont worry about it; it will be okay; chill the fuck out, son, youre screaming.
no one really says it. but if they did, they would probably be like 'Hey, leave it to beaver. its all gravy, baby.'
by EviLCorey December 24, 2003

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a frightful mystery
the disappearance of the children in town was an opopanax that promised little good for the sleepy little town
by EviLCorey September 10, 2003

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extraordinarily intoxicated by any means
Joe found out the hard way that mixing pills and booze can get you fuckered up way too fast.
by EviLCorey September 10, 2003

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dark: Characterized by gloom; dismal

aesthete: One whose pursuit and admiration of beauty is regarded as excessive or affected.


dark aesthete: one whose appreciation or pursuit of dismal, gloomy, or otherwise morbid expressions of beauty is excessive or affected.

translation: mopey elitist 'goth'

please note, i dont consider the term goth to be a negative comment. i just know people who fit into this catagory, and oh boy are they irritating.
Claire started smoking clove ciggarettes. she changed her name to Raven. she writes poetry that does not rhyme, and usually ends in the middle of a sentance. she hates you, and everyone else.

behold, a dark aesthete.
by EviLCorey February 05, 2004

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taken from Invader Zim, a suck monkey is any flavored frozen slush drink that can most commonly be bought in convenience stores.

brand names would be Slurpee, Slushy, Icee, ect.
lets search the couch for change and then go get suck monkeys from the gas station!
by evilcorey October 27, 2004

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one who enjoys intelectual conversation at dinner
Charles, a philosophy major, considered himself a deipnosophist, and shunned fast food resteraunts because of it.
by EviLCorey September 10, 2003

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