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A great feel-good tv show that aired from 1957-1963. Leave it to Beaver provides all the elements of comedy, childhood, and a loving family. Most of the episodes will remind you of your childhood in some way. Some people don't approve of this show because it was before women's liberation but if you watch enough episodes you'll see that the husband helps out his wife with dishes and other household chores. That's just the way everyone was back then, we cannot look down on the Cleavers for it :)
Person1: God, my girlfriend's family are such jerks I wanna watch some Leave it to Beaver so I can hope there's some perfect family out there so I won't be trapped by freaks forever!

Person2: Dude you're stupid that show is way too old and boring.

(starts watching)

Person2: (laughs) Wow that Eddie Haskell is just like me!

(realizes it's a good show)
by psychologynerd May 14, 2012
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The polite and politically correct way to say "fat ass".
Me: So do you think if that 700 pounder ever has a heart attack or when they have one will they need to be hauled in a bariatric ambulance?

Jill: You're joking, right?
by psychologynerd June 6, 2012
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