A euphamistic military slang term for the push up position. It is most heavily used in the U.S. military, especially the Army and Marine Corps. Found in a number of marching cadences.

Drill Sergeant: Recruit you better fall into formation in the next three seconds or you will be spending a hell of a lot of time in the leaning rest
by Gunny Harris July 11, 2009
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Front Leaning Rest is the primary push up position that you attain by squatting down ,putting your hands on the floor in front of you then kicking both legs back to the tips of your toes and (HOLDING )that position indefinitely.
The Drill Sargent warned a private during PT for doing his exercises half halfheartedly then ordered him to come forward and to front leaning rest.
by IBEXXX2001 December 22, 2018
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Something you hope that you will never hear in JROTC or in the Military.
Military term to start doing push-ups
1st SGT Williams: "Private Smith! Front-leaning rest position, MOVE!"
Private Smith: "Aww man. Time to get these damn push-ups"
by Deez-nutz-goty September 2, 2021
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What the U.S. Army calls the "push up". Why in the hell cant they call it the push up like every body else in the English speaking world.
Drill Sergeant: Why are you late private?

Private : Well Drill Sergea

Drill Sergeant: (Cuts the Private off mid-sentence) I didn’t ask for any lip Private, Front Leaning Rest Position move!
by I got you back July 13, 2009
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Front lean and rest is not a (PUSH UP) as the (URBAN DICTIONARY) states ! Actually it is how you start a push up and it's not from your belly on the floor! You get down on your knees lean forward on both hands then push yourself up off the floor into the (FRONT LEAN AND REST POSITION) but you don't go back down you just hold the UP POSITION. The so called (PLANK)position is a variation of the (FRONT LEAN AND REST) position

You are in the Army at basic training and your squad is doing push ups during PT(Physical training)a soldier goofs off then the drill Sargent orders the soldier to the front and commands him to (FRONT LEAN AND REST) while the rest of the squad continues doing push ups.
by IBEXXX2001 December 22, 2018
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