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Something you hope that you will never hear in JROTC or in the Military.
Military term to start doing push-ups
1st SGT Williams: "Private Smith! Front-leaning rest position, MOVE!"
Private Smith: "Aww man. Time to get these damn push-ups"
by Deez-nutz-goty September 2, 2021
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A new un-popular YouTuber. Samuel "The Raider Deadpool" Bethea's Channel "The Raider Deadpool"s most popular video at 1.4 K views is the G.O.A.T! Show his channel some love man!
John: "Bro, have you heard of this cool new YouTuber?
Me: "No, who is it?"
John: "The Raider Deadpool"
Me: "I'll check him out"
by Deez-nutz-goty May 5, 2021
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