“😂😂lol” - colin

Wow..... I just got friend zoned - bri
The laughing emoji is basically getting friend zoned.
by Bri lol December 29, 2020
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something that is over used until the end if time.
My grandma just died *crying laughing emoji*.
by B1g Papp! December 8, 2017
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The one emoji that gives people whiplash
Ella: Jesus christ if Chris sends another crying-laughing emoji I'm done
Jamie: Wiiiiplassshh
by ie.maybe. December 9, 2018
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an emoji used to express ironic laughter or to show that one does not care about something someone said to them.
person 1: bro you really need to start doing the homework in math if you want a good grade
person 2: nah fuck that🤣 (sideways laughing emoji)
by choppavans December 16, 2021
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Cringy emoji that peasants use to pretend to laugh at something when in reality they are absolument not laughing and are fake as fuck. Extremely cringy.
Wow this thot spammed the "crying laughing emoji" to hide the fact that's she's absolutely fucking lying.
by TruthShots December 29, 2020
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what people spam after their messages to try and make people believe they are really not just dying on the inside
gen spams this emote all the time(crying laughing emoji x30)
by no orgy for you gen August 5, 2021
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Only extremely old wrinkly people use this emoji

If u are 20 and younger and u use this emoji u much be an old bitch undercover
*Says something funny*

*Types laughing emoji*🤣🤣🤣🤣- old person
by Randomnitchhhbb July 4, 2022
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