A character from Stephen King's novel, "The Stand". He masturbates bitterly at one part of the story.
A description of Harold Lauder's actions from The Stand:

"In the hour before dawn, he replaced the diary in Fran's pack and secured the buckles. He took no special precautions. If she woke, he thought coldly, he would kill her and then run. Run where? West. But he would not stop in Nebraska or even in Colorado, oh no.

She didn't wake.

He went back to his sleeping bag. He masturbated bitterly." (562)
by Godzilla himself April 4, 2010
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an enormous projectile vomit while consuming huge quantities of alcohol. Short version of Lauderdaling.
Shit dude I just saw her lauder!

Dude if you drink anymore your gona start to lauder!

I caught her laudering again in the frat house!

Dude, she just laudered over my car!
by urban duderang January 7, 2016
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A extremely weak and skinny 5'7 14 year old with a tiny dick who somehow succeeds in getting women.
Person 1: How's that weak skinny guy getting all the bitches

Person 2: Oh that's just Daniel Lauder
by FatCock M'c CockCock May 1, 2022
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