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One hell of an epic novel by the great writer Stephen King. It's guaranteed to leave some kind of an impression, otherwise you're a fuckin douchebag.

The novel ties into the Dark Tower universe(s), and is broken down into three parts, or "books":

BOOK I: "Captain Trips"
In this first 400 pages or so (of the uncut 1142-page book), there is an outbreak of a manmade biological plague, which is spread to Texas, New York, Atlanta, New England and the southwest in a matter of days. We're introduced to the main characters, and their backstories, and we see the government panic as the superflu spreads as a plague, and we see the collapse of civlization as totalitarian martial law is enforced, thousands are killed to keep the government's lies under wraps, and what the characters on an individual level go through.

BOOK II: "On The Border"
In the wake of civilization's destruction via plague, the key individuals are trying to cope with the loss, until they are all united by dreams and visions of a 108-year-old black woman in Nebraska named Mother Abigail. Many of these protagonists find each other, and unite for a cross-country oddysey from various places headed for Nebraska. Meanwhile, however, other scattered survivors with darker natures are drawn via dreams and visions to a mysterious supernatural drifter in Las Vegas, who they refer to occuasionally as "The Dark Man" or "Walkin' Dude" and whose supposed real name is Randall Flagg. The other survivors find Mother Abigail and establish a new society in Colorado that they call the Free Zone. While the Free Zone is dedicated to a peaceful, democratic society in Colorado, Randall Flagg is setting up his society in Las Vegas, where he crucifies and tortures his disloyal, establishing a fascist rule. He influences people in the Free Zone to commit terrible acts of treachery, and it becomes clear that Randall Flagg's aggression can't "stand".

BOOK III: "The Stand"
In this last 400 pages or so, the story chronicles the heroes of the Free Zone going out from Colorado to Las Vegas for the final showdown against Randall Flagg.

The book was released in 1978, and then re-released uncut in 1990. In 1994, it as adapted into a TV miniseries starring Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Rob Lowe, Ruby Dee and Jamey Sheridan. Not highly received amongst fans of the novel, but Sheridan playing Randall Flagg was actually praised well.
1: OMG "The Stand" wa ssooo boringg!!111 TWILIGHT IS SO MUCH BETTER!!!
2: You have no sense of literature.
by TheGuyWhoIsKnownByAName June 26, 2009
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A really, really, really vicious nasty brink-of-death cold of flu or similar illness that you truly and sincerely wish would just 'finish the job' and kill you already...

Unfortunately you live through every last stinking moment of it.

From Stephen King's "The Stand" a tale about an 'end of the world' plaque.
Winter of 2003 I must've come down with that "The Stand" virus. Ribcage felt like it was wrapped in a bandclamp from all the coughing.

I swear I saw a family of Ebola viruses packing for Florida it was so bad.
by Olive Thomas July 10, 2005
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The stands in a Baseball Development with 2 items. One thing from item A and one from item B. Item B being baseball and item A being The Stands.
I love to go watch Baseball in the stands.
by Fairbanks. May 20, 2020
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