A bad bitch, always has a blunt to smoke
dan: yo hit up latrelle , I want to sparkup
by toofinetoocute March 14, 2017
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A handsome guy. He is known for his athletic ability and getting the hottest girls to like him. You should definitely befriend one now!
"Latrell is so hot." Said Abby.
by Realnamedefiner April 30, 2016
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Is not one of them and a real nigga and he say that he be thugging and he also say IM HIM CAUSE HE’S really him 😅
Latrell ouuuu
by Iahsvs November 22, 2021
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latrell is the HOTTEST guy you’ll ever meet, great personality, kind hearted, sexy guy. BUT don’t let his looks fool you, he will make you madly in love with him. not only is he the best guy, others think that to. ESPECIALLY THE GIRLS WHO TRY AND STEAL HIM. so, latrell’s girlfriend... when you see a girl likes him, get protective honey, someone will snatch him up cause he a snacc. be careful though, latrell is a player and leads girls on. if he truly loves you, he will stick with you for the rest of your life :)
by sksksk mf September 18, 2019
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Big Boi who eats Oysters with his pinky up.
I saw Latrell chugging raw Oysters like tea.
by BigBoiDante August 21, 2018
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usually a Latrell has eyes which are very far apart, giving the appearance of a fish.

He usually has the last name of “Bird”
This gives him the appearance of a sea gull or pigeon. This is very accurate since his eyes are far apart, like a pigeon. Whata Ugly Hori Maori.
James: “Fuck, who stole my food?!”
Karen: “hmm? It was probably hori ass Latrell”
James: “Fucken Nigga Ass Latrell”
by Latrells Hori October 30, 2020
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latrel is a really sexy guy/name. Its a common aboriginal name. Latrels are really good in bed. They have a really wacky, crazy personality and a good sense of humour. Latrels are mainly NRL playersor Firemen. Most likely to date/marry girls starting with the letter 'R'.
Latrel is cool. (A common name)etc
by latrel101 November 17, 2015
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