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Siona is just the the best. She is friendly, caring and most of all, ABSOLUTELY BONKERS. Make sure you don't make her laugh in awkward situationso though... she might end up with a case of gigglitis! Wild Sionas can be found on a bed, on a couch, in front of the TV or any other electronic device you may have. Sionas also enjoy sleeping, gaming, YouTube and eating. Just remember, if you know a Siona, tell her she's the best and remember how lucky you are to know her. After all, they areally rare!
Siona is THE BEST!!!
by PorgsAndDogs7 June 05, 2018
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A samoan name for her. Usually a girl, and usually tomboyish. Usually likes someone in secrect. Doesn't like to be pushed so don't. Loves video games. She can be a fun friend but when you make her mad.... hell breaks loose.
Jean- "Siona, do you like Joey?"

Siona- "Whaaaaattttt? Um...."

Jean- "Knew it! You do!"

Joey- "...."
by NomNom28 March 25, 2014
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