A lovely word to describe ladies who love other ladies. Derivative of laserbeamage, meaning to partake in some laserbeam activities.
Look, over there, a laserbeam!
by catsa March 27, 2007
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Getting steaming drunk and taking lots of drugs
"Oh man, I was so fucking laserbeamed last night!"
by creationx October 4, 2008
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A descriptive term used for tweens in any vintage or trendy clothing that has offensively bright colors. Basically if the 80s barfed on a scenester.
I know dude. There's trendy laserbeams everywhere. Eff.
by Hardon247 January 5, 2011
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A phrase shouted following a moment of absolute rockitude, like a giant robot punching another giant robot through a building. Best performed with furious air guitar and a hair-metal screech.
"Dude! That giant robot just got punched through a building by another giant robot!"

by Greg August 27, 2005
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