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a super power everyone wishes they had.
you wouldnt call me queer if i could shoot lasers out my eyes! LASER VISION!
by ally pow January 06, 2006
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A term to describe unparalleled focus and a super human ability. Used improperly in the workplace by individuals who desire to sound smart and appear to have a large vocabulary. It is vapid, and when used as a verb, normally provides little to no impact to any conversation. However, Superman could use his "Laser Vision" to see through things and burn stuff. If he worked in an office there would definitely be "Laser Vision."
Joe: "Man it has been a long day. I can't seem to keep up with all of this work and still focus on keeping everyone happy in the front office. I wish I had the "laser Vision" that Jackie has. She is like a super hero who can see what people want and talk her way out of anything.

Sean: "Yeah, I agree", "She definitely uses that "Laser Vision" to target and kiss the right buts around here."
by office slang guru March 06, 2018
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