shes a pretty girl with an attitude you'll fall in love with. she will make you laugh in any scenario, everyone wants to be her friend. shes the girl that will make fun of you till you cry but five minutes later will be your best friend. lamia is the greatest person you'll ever meet so treat her right or ill break your mommas back.
lamia? is that the gorgeous queen in our english class?
by lamia lamia November 22, 2018
A Greek mythological character. She was Zeus's mistress while he was married to Hera. Hera found out, and being the mean goddess she is, she killed all of Lamia's children, save for Scylla, whom she sent to live under a rock, and most of you probably know that. Anyway, Hera also took away her ability to blink, so Lamia could not rest from the sight of her dead children. Lamia also became a half woman half serpent sort of a creature, because of her mishap. Zeus, however, was not totally heartless. He couldn't bring her children back, but he felt sorry for his former lover and so he let her take her eyes off so she could rest. But Lamia was furious, and she was jealous of all the parents who still had their children. So, she started to suck the blood of children, as a sort of vampiress. She also had a human form of a Libyan queen. So in truth, Lamia was just in love, not evil or anything.
Lamia is not evil, just jealous and lost.
by beaminginlight November 16, 2006
1. another clever word for a lady's monthly 'gift'

2. another word for PMS, but a worse version

derived from...

A. From 'Drag Me To Hell" a powerful demon spirit haunting that will torment the victim for three days before taking him/her to hell.
"ew, lo bosworth is such a biotch, she must be on her lamia all the time."

"the lamia has come to town, watch out."
by hotspot0309 January 9, 2010
gettin drunk and smashin into Frontier
Joe lamia smashed into Frontier while he was smashed.
by Steve Behnke June 9, 2003
Lamiae is amazing. She can be crazy and can be a person who doesn't even make a sound. She is a hard person to be friends with. If you can gain her trust, you are special. She doesn't fall in love easily but when she does she falls hard. Every guy can fall in love with her inner beauty. But shes a heart breaker so be careful. she can make her dreams true. Shes someone who will not give up until she achieves it. If you have a Lamiae in you're life be grateful.
O. M. G. that's Lamiae, the one every person talks about.
by Karima her bff January 23, 2021
She's a pretty girl, that has everyone looking when she comes by, and is a little mean but you'll be in love
LaMia is the meaning of pretty
by Mixxed.barrbie July 17, 2018
Lamia she is a beautiful girl, she has a bright smile on her face that lights up the world, anyone falls in love with her because of the beauty on her face and personality. She is always strong on the outside, but inside she has thousands of painful unanswered questions and scars. She creates a spark with someone very easily even though she is quite shy, but anyone could fall in love with her but she is very hard to handle. Do not be fooled, because she is shy, cute and the sweetest soul to stand on earth; but she has the scariest temper that could freeze a person and their words. She is very hard to handle, can be stubborn but she is a very loving, caring and funny person. She is a Pisces wearing a mask of Scorpio. She is probably five foot three, has the best taste in music. When im around her i feel like im floating.
Lamia is the most beautiful and cutest person i know
by N.Abdul21 December 26, 2020