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A Greek mythological character. She was Zeus's mistress while he was married to Hera. Hera found out, and being the mean goddess she is, she killed all of Lamia's children, save for Scylla, whom she sent to live under a rock, and most of you probably know that. Anyway, Hera also took away her ability to blink, so Lamia could not rest from the sight of her dead children. Lamia also became a half woman half serpent sort of a creature, because of her mishap. Zeus, however, was not totally heartless. He couldn't bring her children back, but he felt sorry for his former lover and so he let her take her eyes off so she could rest. But Lamia was furious, and she was jealous of all the parents who still had their children. So, she started to suck the blood of children, as a sort of vampiress. She also had a human form of a Libyan queen. So in truth, Lamia was just in love, not evil or anything.
Lamia is not evil, just jealous and lost.
by beaminginlight November 15, 2006
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1. another clever word for a lady's monthly 'gift'

2. another word for PMS, but a worse version

derived from...

A. From 'Drag Me To Hell" a powerful demon spirit haunting that will torment the victim for three days before taking him/her to hell.
"ew, lo bosworth is such a biotch, she must be on her lamia all the time."

"the lamia has come to town, watch out."
by hotspot0309 January 09, 2010
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A harmless airhead who thinks Chingy is the bombdiggy. But we still love herr.
Shes so clueless shes like Lamia
by F-Dogg March 03, 2005
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