It's what you say when you've been in your house all weekend studying/working/doingyourstupidf*ckinghomework and on the verge of going literally insane and since you are going so delirious you say random stuff, like lalalala.
Dude: *working on Math* lalalala (and then talking to self) lalalala (and then talking to imaginary friend) lalalala.
by GabGabyGabby January 15, 2012
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!) 1) I am laughing so hard.
2) A substitute for lol and lmao cause now it seems like people don't actually mean it when they say it!
by Beerus_sama10 December 20, 2020
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meaning of lalalala is when a person is very happy
blue used lalalala to define her happiness
by redisblue January 2, 2022
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