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clearly one of the tightest schools in washington state, and despite what haters think, isn't just populated by rich white kids and other "douches". has rep for being really preppy because of said haters. visit the damn place before you judge.
Person 1: "dude, the only people that go to lakeside are preppy rich kids whose parents get them everything they want"

Person 2: "...ever actually been there or met anybody who goes there?"

Person 1: ""
by reppin' '11 September 12, 2009
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In 1886, the El Cajon Valley Land Company purchased 6,000 acres of land - now known as Lakeside. A large four-story Lakeside Inn was built as a resort. The Inn was designed by the same architect who designed the Hotel del Coronado.

G.H. Mansfield (Vice-President of the land company) built the Castle House in 1887 as a show place and it still remains today. Eight trains ran through Lakeside every day bringing many visitors to the area.

Many historical buildings still remain in the town site area on Maine Avenue such as:

The Town Hall (1911);
Ross House (1905);
Neal House (1900) next to the Olde Community Church (1896);
Park Market burned down in 1997,
Payton’s Hardware rebuilt in the same spot in 1999.
The old Lindo Hotel (1887), now the Lakeside Hotel, stands on the corner of River and Lakeshore;
The Hartung Bakery (1914) - Later Dent’s Bakery - was built on Lakeshore.

A two-mile race track was built around Lindo Lake and on April 20, 1907, Barney Oldfield set a world speed record at the race track. Activities such as boating, horse and auto racing, were popular with the Inn’s guests. (The original Boathouse has been preserved at Lindo Lake Park.) Lakeside soon became nationally recognized as a resort center.
Ya, I'm from Lakeside.
It's not all hicks and red necks.
by Team CHOKE Slam July 10, 2008
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I town full of bad ass people. Ugly Guys but hot girls. Laksideians know how to throw parties and are great at hiding when the cops come. Very few of them are actually hicks but yes the high school..el capitan...does have ffa
Girl "Fuck the police are here"
Guy "No worries wanna come hide in this cabinet with me"
Girl " how did you think to hide in here?"
Guy "Oh us Lakeside people we always have a plan"
by Deedandeedan February 02, 2010
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a town full of hicks with a school that has FFA (Future Fatsses of America)
*fat kid is walking down the street in overalls*
Random guy: "Hey where are you from?"
Fat kid: "I'm from Lakeside why?"
Random guy: "That explains a lot"
by Mykayla July 06, 2008
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A crappy private school in Washington were really weird nerds go (and some cool people) but for the most part little rich ass kids. Many douches attend there and they have the gayest events ever. It lacks ethnicity on the count it only has honkes and rich asians.

Person 1: Wow that white kid is hella nerdy and douche-like.
Person 2: He must go to lakeside
by jewchebag April 02, 2009
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