"Heineken, shots of 151
and a bottle of what we call El Captain"
<i>El Capitan</i> by OPM
by LadyRachel March 14, 2004
The name so commonly used for tim's penis, because it is just so commanding, like a captain.
Everywhere i look, I see the El capitan! it's just so big!
by kyra July 9, 2003
Capt Kirk or El Capitan Kirk

Very good looking, brave, daring, smart, sexy, loyal and unpredictable.

A one of a kind in thinking and in person. Can easily be confused with cocky and often miss understood. People who are called by this name are powerful individuals and should never be under estimated in any way.

One such individual can be found around the Seattle area.
A reference to the famed Capitan Kirk of Star track.

Once again "Capt Kirk or El Capitan Kirk" saved the copy Machine.
by Snake Eyes again December 11, 2010