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A state of mind (in which old folks who tried to dose up on viagra) end up at, after they finally realize that they're permanently impotent, thus they just end up sitting on their porches and yelling at..."those damn kids"...
"Poor old bastard...just sits on his porch swimming around in lake flaccid..."

"Damn i hope I never end up in lake flaccid..."
by Herbert Bonabanger January 19, 2006
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Lake Flaccid is when you're trying to sleep with a girl but you can't get a hard on.
Dave: Yes mate, did you smash it?

Nick: Nah mate, lake flaccid.

Dave: Par.
by Stiff Chocolate December 28, 2015
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Another name for Sarah Palin's vagina. This pseudonym originated because of her cooter's size (big as a lake) and the effect it has on any penis (makes 'em flaccid).
Todd wanted to go spear fishing in Lake Flaccid north of the Artic Circle, but he just couldn't get his tool to break through the ice.
by Pod Tailin' February 08, 2010
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