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The touching of one smokers lit cigarette to another's unlit cigarette with both cigs still in their respective owner's mouths. Used to light up in the absence of a lighter.
Dude 1: Got a light?
Dude 2: Nah, we can butt kiss though.
Dude 1: Gay, but do want a smoke.
by Lagoon February 12, 2009
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Possibly one of the most bitchin' animes ever made. The story follows a team of pirates/mercenaries known as Lagoon Company, who smuggle goods in and around the seas of Southeast Asia in the 1990s3. Their base of operations is located in the fictional city of Roanapur in Thailand, and they transport goods in the PT boat Black Lagoon. When on land, they move around and conduct business using Benny's Pontiac GTO. Lagoon Company does business with various clients, but has a particularly friendly relationship with the Russian crime syndicate Hotel Moscow. The team takes on a variety of missions—which may involve violent firefights, hand-to-hand combat, and nautical battles—in various Southeast Asian locations and when not doing much, the members of the Lagoon Company spend much of their down time at The Yellow Flag, a bar in Roanapur.

This anime can be seen as a darker Cowboy Bebop with higher shorts on the girl.
Have you seen Black Lagoon?

Yes, yes I have.

Like it?

You're an idiot, of course I do.
by Lagoon February 12, 2009
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